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Our society faces serious healthcare challenges to be met to grant everybody a long and healthy life. Aging and the increase in chronic diseases like cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and brain conditions require further investment in research, technology, and innovation to develop solutions that help overcome those challenges.

With our impressive and growing portfolio of over 30 collaborative R&I projects in this field only, we aim to find new ways to keep people healthy, prevent diseases, develop better diagnostics and more effective therapies, use personalised medicine approaches to improve healthcare and wellbeing, and take up innovative (digital) health technologies.

In particular, we have a strong track record of R&I projects within the Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI, now IHI), the world’s largest public-private collaboration in life sciences. This initiative focuses on cross-sectoral projects supporting the development of safe, effective, people-centered, cost-effective products and services targeting critical unmet public health needs.

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Dr Cora Meyer
Senior Project Manager
Your contact
Dr Sanja Šale
Senior Innovation Manager
List of projects: 47

About Eurice

Eurice offers knowledge-based consultancy services in project and innovation management.

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