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Enabling the WHO-Roadmap 2030


Despite significant progress in preventing and controlling helminthiases, many existing drugs have proven problematic in terms of efficacy, treatment duration, and safety. In addition, the chronic underinvestment in healthcare in developing countries has led to poor infrastructure and inadequately trained technical staff. In order to combat various soil-transmitted helminths and filarial worms, a multidisciplinary consortium of research institutes, universities and not for-profit organisations in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) and Europe aims to address these issues by further developing and testing more efficacious and safe treatment options that act across different helminth species. To this end, eWHORM partners are setting up a state-of-the-art adaptive basket trial that can test anthelmintic drug candidates against multiple diseases at once. The project will also train healthcare professionals to enable the diagnosis of multiple diseases in four endemic countries: the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the Gabonese Republic, the Republic of Cameroon, and the United Republic of Tanzania. This major leap will help to achieve two pressing WHO objectives: (1) eliminating filarial and STH infections and (2) building capacity in endemic countries.

Professor Dr Marc Hübner
University Hospital Bonn
Horizon Europe & sub-programmes
60 months (April 2023 - March 2028)
Project funding
€ 7,967,127.50
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Sam Hoefman
Project Manager
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