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International Day for Biological Diversity 2021: Eurice Partner in Five Projects Advancing Biodiversity

22 May marks the International Day for Biological Diversity (IDB). Established by the United Nations in 1993, this global initiative aims to increase understanding and awareness of biodiversity issues. This year, the IDB is celebrated under the slogan: "We're part of the solution #ForNature", providing a reminder that biodiversity remains the answer to several sustainable development challenges – such as climate and health issues, food and water security, as well as sustainable livelihoods.

Eurice is proud to be actively contributing to the successful implementation of the goals of several projects advancing biological diversity in different areas of research.

  • AGENT aims to unlock the full potential of the biological material stored in gene banks around the globe by using FAIR international data standards and an open digital infrastructure for the management of plant genetic resources.
  • Breeding Value aims to develop new breeding strategies for resilient and high-quality berries – strawberries, blueberries and raspberries - while ensuring genetic diversity and responding to consumer quality and sensorial preferences.
  • The vision of BRESOV is to tackle this challenge by exploring the genetic diversity of three of the economically most significant vegetable crops (broccoli, snap bean and tomato) and to improve the competitiveness of these three crops in an organic and sustainable environment. The consortium’s overall aim is to increase the plants’ tolerance to biotic and abiotic stresses and adapt the varieties to the specific requirements of organic and low-input production processes.
  • FoodLAND project aims to develop, implement and validate innovative, scalable and sustainable technologies aimed at supporting the nutrition performance of local food systems in Africa, while strengthening agro-biodiversity and food diversity as well as diversity of healthy diets.
  • INCREASE intends to systematically address current shortcomings: Focusing on chickpea, common bean, lentil and lupin, the project will implement a new approach to conserve, manage and characterise genetic resources leading to benefits on different levels. It promises to attract additional private and public investment to boost food legumes breeding.

The Biodiversity Day 2021 also serves to raise awareness about the new global biodiversity framework, which will be adopted at the upcoming UN Biodiversity Conference #COP15 in China in October 2021. This new framework will focus on ensuring work to preserve biodiversity contributes to “the nutrition, food security, and livelihoods of people, especially for the most vulnerable” (UN, 2021). Therefore, this year’s IDB is a call to action for biodiversity and a reminder that biodiversity is crucial in order to reach the UN 2050 Vision of “Living in harmony with nature”.

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the IDB 2021 will be celebrated virtually as an online-only campaign. The hashtag for overall biodiversity communications work in 2021 is #ForNature.

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