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Successful End to B-SMART Research Project: Results Are Major Step Forward in Treatment of Brain-Related Conditions

The EU-funded project B-SMART that aimed at designing and manufacturing modular nanoparticles over the last 5+ years, has ended. Over the last few project weeks, the consortium had numerous tasks. One of these has been the Final Meeting: At the end of their project, the B-SMART partners have finally been able to come together again in person. After more than two years, representatives from all partners met again in Brussels, Belgium, on 8 June 2022. It is no understatement to say that everyone was very happy to see each other. The consortium was eager to exchange and discuss the latest results and achievements in all work packages. However, the main focus was on preparing the last review meeting shortly before the project end.

Partners also addressed the legacy that the project will leave behind in terms of exploitation of their multifaceted results. Thanks to this excellent preparation, the last review meeting just two days before the official end of B-SMART has been a success. Both the EC officer and the external monitor were impressed with the project's results, highlighting the collaboration within the consortium and the motivation of each partner to support each other. In their eyes, this was the key to achieving the successful outputs of B-SMART.

To present and communicate the B-SMART findings, one final video clip has been produced. It features footage captured by the Eurice film team with B-SMART coordinator Professor Dr Raymond Schiffelers (UMCU) and adds behind-the-scenes footage from all project partners. The just-released interview clip illustrates how far B-SMART has come in their collaborative endeavour.

The project's results are envisioned to lead to a new kind of treatment that can promise a cure to more than 7 million people with Alzheimer's disease in Europe alone. Additionally, the new generation of RNA nanocarriers developed within B-SMART offers other researchers an enabling technology for various brain-related conditions beyond Alzheimer's.

To find out more, the clip is available on the B-SMART project website and YouTube.

As management and dissemination partner, the Eurice team is involved in the successful implementation of the project goals and will continue to be part of the ongoing and vital discussions surrounding the outcomes reaching beyond the duration of the project.

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