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Nanomedicine Comes of Age: B-SMART Feature on CORDIS

European researchers take nanotech-based therapies from the lab to the clinic

There are already more than 50 nanomedicine formulations in the market and over 400 currently in clinical trials, thanks to the unique versatility of these therapeutics compared to conventional drugs. Since 2017, our Horizon 2020 project B-SMART has been working hard to address the lack of causal therapies for Alzheimer's disease and place European research at the forefront of nanotech-based therapy development.

Adjacent to and in collaboration with the last ETPN 2020 conference, which took place as a virtual even on 14-15 October 2020, our Horizon 2020 project B-SMART conducted a workshop together with three sister projects that are funded under the same call. CUPIDO, NEW Deal, Smart4Fabry and B-SMART discussed challenges and issues the projects have been facing regarding translational issues.

Both the B-SMART coordinator Raymond Schiffelers (UMCU) and project participant Loredana Cecchetelli (IBI) actively participated as speakers in the workshop and shared their experiences.

The workshop was featured in an article on the European Commission’s results platform CORDIS.

The ETP Nanomedicine (ETPN) is an initiative led by industry since 2005 and set up together with the European Commission, to address the application of nanotechnology in healthcare. The ETPN believes that involving industry will accelerate the development of promising ideas, and provide the effective and safe healthcare products that patients demand.

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