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Developing a Next-Generation Advanced Therapy for Knee Osteoarthritis: Eurice is Partner of Game-Changing Horizon Europe Project SINPAIN

Together with 11 multidisciplinary partners, Eurice has just launched the Horizon Europe project SINPAIN, which strives to find efficient and economic treatments for osteoarthritis - the most common chronic joint disorder worldwide. SINPAIN aims to tackle the pressing need for new osteoarthritis medications to improve patients' quality of life and reduce the high socio-economic costs associated with this condition.

500 million patients worldwide are in need of novel therapy approaches

Osteoarthritis is among the leading causes of physical disability with numbers rising. Patients mostly suffer from chronic pain, stiffness, tenderness and limited flexibility. From the current studies available, no specific cure or effective treatment for osteoarthritis exists and its severity varies from patient to patient. Besides the social burden associated with osteoarthritis, it also constitutes an economic strain for society. Medical costs can aggregate to over EUR 10,000 per patient annually.

"Osteoarthritis patients depend on new treatments to alleviate chronic pain and slow disease progression. This degenerative disease is affecting an increasing number of people, who often endure a considerably reduced quality of life," says project coordinator Dr Damien Dupin. "There is a pressing and unmet global need, not only for effective therapeutic treatments, but also for understanding the causes and mechanisms of this disease and that's where SINPAIN comes in."

Similar to other projects in Eurice's portfolio, such as Yscript, B-SMART, EXPERT or cmRNAbone, SINPAIN is taking advantage of the explosion of RNA technologies in the last years. Ultimately, the project aims to develop more personalised diagnostic and treatment options for different stages of osteoarthritis. SINPAIN's approach has game-changing potential.

Moreover, with this pioneering partnership, Eurice continues its successful cooperation with the Spanish research organisation Fundación CIDETEC in the field of Nanomedicine, such as TBMED. The SINPAIN project receives a total funding of EUR 5,3 million from the Horizon Europe programme over the next four and half years and unites partners from five EU member states as well as from Iceland, the UK, the USA and Switzerland.

"Eurice co-ordinates the process of bringing SINPAIN results closer to market and patients. Starting from a first-generation product, SINPAIN will create a pipeline of four products for the four different stages of knee osteoarthritis. Available combined advanced treatments will be beneficial for osteoarthritis patients worldwide, but this will require additional efforts and financing going beyond the scope of SINPAIN," adds Jörg Scherer, Innovation Manager in SINPAIN.

To find out more, please visit the project website under:

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