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Strengthening Saarland’s research and innovation competencies at EU level

Eurice supports service initiative “Route 2025” launched by Saarland University

Saarland has a successful track record in attracting EU research funding. In the frame of the EU’s current Framework Programme for Research and Innovation, “Horizon 2020”, Saarland's universities, research institutions and companies have succeeded in obtaining 88 million euros of funding.

With the aim to further strengthen this positive record, Saarland University has launched the "Route 2025" project to support researchers and entrepreneurs based in Saarland in successfully obtaining funds from Brussels and participating in EU research and innovation projects. The initiative is supported by the State Chancellery with funds from the Saarland and by the European Union within the framework of the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) with around 1.2 million euros.

Eurice closely collaborates with the University, supporting the “Route 2025” team in providing assistance on questions related to new project applications and proposals. Moreover, Eurice significantly contributes to the implementation of various “Route 2025” activities such as the organisation of training events or the maintenance of the website and a project database specifically highlighting the involvement of Saarland scientists and entrepreneurs in “Horizon 2020” projects.

Showcasing EU success stories made in Saarland

In Horizon 2020, 136 "Saarland projects" are already being funded, which are now publicly accessible in a project database developed by the Route 2025 team. "Through our ‘Route 2025’ initiative, we want to further expand the impressive track record of Saarland University in attracting European funding. With the project database we are, for the first time, creating a comprehensive overview of the successes and high EU research and innovation competence in Saarland," says Axel Koch, Head of the Department of Research Management and Transfer at Saarland University and coordinator of the project. The different EU funding programmes offer great opportunities and attractive prospects, which scientific and business players in Saarland should not miss.

Getting ready for “Horizon Europe”

In addition to providing advice on current funding opportunities, “Route 2025” also aims to inform local players from academia and industry already at an early stage about the upcoming programme "Horizon Europe", which will run from 2021-2027. The comprehensive range of information and advice is open to all Saarland innovation players. For “Horizon Europe”, all participants have set themselves the ambitious goal of securing around 100 million euros EU research funding for Saarland scientists and entrepreneurs.

With an excellent environment for innovation, a vibrant research- and transfer-oriented university and science landscape, as well as special European and French competence, Saarland offers an excellent setting for research and innovation activities. "The successful cross-border cooperation of Saarland scientists and companies with European partners has a long tradition in Saarland. At the same time, these cooperations represent important development opportunities, which must be further promoted and expanded with a view to integrating Saarland as a location for innovation into new structures and alliances at the scientific and economic level," explains Saarland's Minister President Tobias Hans. Cross-border and international cooperation, whether at the scientific or economic level, also plays a central role.

Further information can be found at:

The press release on the “Route2025” project issued by the State Chancellery in German is available here.

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