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New EMPHASIS Video – Breakthrough Technology for Sustainable Energy Storage

EMPHASIS is working on creating new supercapacitors (SC) that are specifically designed for consumer use. The aim is to develop sustainable energy storage solutions in two key areas that are essential for meeting the needs of modern life: electromobility and smart clothing. To achieve this goal, EMPHASIS is taking an innovative approach that involves using new materials sourced from natural resources, improving design processes, and pushing the boundaries of existing energy storage technologies. Creating successful SC cells is a complex task that requires expertise from a variety of science and technology areas. EMPHASIS is addressing this challenge by facilitating close collaboration between partners from different fields. EMPHASIS is proposing a rational design approach that optimises key components of the SC cell – electrode materials, electrolytes, and current collectors – in a way that maximises their synergy.

The new EMPHASIS video clip strives to succinctly outline the rationale behind having a project like EMPHASIS and describe its objectives in a nutshell. Designed to be both informative and engaging, the video aims to explain the research and approach behind EMPHASIS, reducing the complexity to a minimum and focusing on conveying the message that the project partners are working on a highly innovative solution for the use of supercapacitors.

The video is now available for viewing on the EMPHASIS project website and Youtube.

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