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MOVE Project Presentations at the ESA and EUGEO Conference

In the upcoming weeks, MOVE partners will present insights and first results of the project at the 13th Conference of the European Sociological Association in Athens (August 29 - September 1) and the sixth EUGEO Congress on the Geography of Europe in Brussels (September 4-6).

"(Un)Making Europe: Capitalism, Solidarities, Subjectivities" is the title of the 13th ESA Conference this year. In the context of geographical, political and social borders of Europe being unmade, the international Conference discusses the challenges that arise from the latest developments in Europe and the world, especially after the recession of 2008. The underlying question of the conference is: "How and where to should a sociology that matters evolve? How can sociology's analyses, theories and methods, across the whole spectrum of ESA's 37 research networks and various countries, be advanced in order to explain and understand capitalism, solidarities and subjectivities in the processes of the making, unmaking and remaking of Europe?"

MOVE partners from Luxemburg, Spain, Norway and Germany will participate and hold presentations in the Streams "Social Mobility I", "Mobility and Regionality" as well as "Transitions from Education to Work".

Just a few days letter, MOVE research will be presented in Brussels at the 2017 EUGEO Conference. This major international scientific congress is held every two years, bringing together geographers from all over the world. The topic of the 2017 Conference is "Geography for Europe". You can find presentations of MOVE members from Norway, Luxemburg and Germany in the streams "Youth and mobility II" and "Youth and mobility III".

For a detailed schedule and more information on the conferences, please check the ESA and EUGEO Conference websites.

Eurice is management partner in MOVE and supports the consortium in the implementation of its work and the dissemination of the project results.

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