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Facing Antibiotics Resistance: Animated Film on the Results of FP7 Project PneumoNP

Paving the way towards the production and use of safer and more efficient antibiotics

Each year, millions of people are infected with bacteria that are resistant to antibiotics - a fact that caused the World Health Organisation to consider antibiotic resistance one of the major current global health crises. In 2014, the European Commission started funding 15 international research projects to help solve the problem.

Among these projects was PneumoNP, a European research project funded under the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) with a total budget of €5.7 million. As the management partner in PneumoNP, Eurice contributed to the successful implementation of the project goals.

Ending in 2017, PneumoNP worked on the development of a theragnostic system for the treatment of Gram-negative bacterial infections of the lung.

To learn more about the project approach and results, please watch the animated film published on YouTube.

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