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Exploitation Pathways in Industry-related Projects: The RELiEF Project in the Spotlight

The RELiEF project aims to reduce lithium waste by more than 70% by using previously unused secondary lithium sources. The outcomes of such an ambitious goal are many and varied, and the project had the opportunity to showcase the different pathways they represent at the Xplorer Conference, organised by RELiEF partner LUT in Lappeenranta, Finland, last month.

The conference brought together several key players in the field of raw materials from around the world to discuss "Mining and Minerals amid Geopolitics and Energy Transition". As all perspectives were discussed – economic, societal, environmental, political, or industrial – the presentation of the RELiEF pathways was more than suitable to give an insight into how the results of an international project can be used.

As the leader of the Communication-Dissemination-Exploitation work package, Eurice presented the project and these pathways, emphasising that the results of RELiEF comprise all the perspectives cited above.

This will be made possible by the collaboration of all partners to sustainably influence the environmental footprint of the entire raw material recycling process and, more globally, the battery supply chain.

Take a look at the poster prepared for the event:

Exploration of Lithium Recycling Pathways: RELiEF Project Insights
Presentation of RELiEF Project Pathways at Xplorer Conference
Presentation of RELiEF Project Pathways at Xplorer Conference
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