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Everybody Is Looking into the Future: Eurice Supports EU Policy Lab

How can futures thinking boost Europe's innovation in deep tech? This has been the question at the heart of a workshop organised by the Joint Research Centre's EU Policy Lab and the European Innovation Council. Our food technology expert Dr Sonja Bergner followed an invitation from the European Innovation Council to contribute to the Horizon Scanning workshop on Food & Agriculture on 31 January 2024.

The main findings of this Horizon Scanning exercise have been the identification and analysis of 'signals' from nascent research, technologies, or trends on the periphery of the mainstream. The workshop analysed opportunities for investment in emerging technologies and breakthrough innovations that can advance EU competitiveness while also serving to support the EU's long-term policy and societal visions.

Other insights focused on the identification of drivers, enablers, and barriers to technology development and adoption that could be the starting ground of further foresight exercises and policy initiatives.

The main outcome, the FUTURINNOV report, will be published soon.

About the EU Policy Lab

The EU Policy Lab is a space for cross-disciplinary exploration and innovation in policymaking applying collaborative, systemic and forward-looking approaches. The EU Policy Lab is also a mindset and a way of working together that combines stories and data, anticipation and analysis, imagination and action.

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Dr Sonja Bergner
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