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“European Symposium on Non-Destructive Evaluation for Nuclear Power Plants” Brings Together Experts and Stakeholders from All Across Europe

On 4-5 May 2021, the two EU projects (H2020 Euratom) ADVISE and NOMAD jointly organised the virtual “European Symposium on Non-destructive Evaluation (NDE) for Nuclear Power Plants (NPP)”. Responsible for project management and dissemination activities within NOMAD, Eurice played a significant role in organising this large-scale online event aimed at fostering dialogue around latest research findings and facilitating potential exploitation of project outcomes.

The two-day event brought together both projects as well as a number of other initiatives. The symposium programme covered NDE topics with respect to relevant materials, operation conditions and components of European NPPs for a comprehensive workshop on NDE issues in the context of long-term operation of plants.

Over 150 participants from 17 countries took part in this online event. The symposium started with a plenary session including general presentations about relevant aspects of long-term operation in Germany and France, overall presentations of both projects and general principles of different NDE methods. The first day closed with a presentation given by both EC project officers concerning the upcoming EURATOM program. Throughout the second day, the symposium hosted three parallel technical sessions focusing on the latest innovations in the fields of

  • Microstructure characterization
  • Defect detect and characterization
  • Non-metallic materials.

Contributions on implementation of online condition-based monitoring and artificial intelligence-based approaches showed important perspectives in the field of NPP.

Presentations and recordings are available upon request at

The Event Booklet is available on the event webpage here.

For more information about ADVISE and NOMAD as well as current developments, events and latest results, please visit the respective project websites:

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