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European Commission's "CORDIS Results Pack on the European Year of Skills" Features Key Activities and Findings of the MIMY Project

In her 2022 State of the Union address, President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen proclaimed 2023 the European Year of Skills. Against this backdrop, a recently published Results Pack compiled by the European Commission's Community Research and Development Information Service (CORDIS) showcases the work of 13 research projects funded under Horizon 2020 working within the context of this thematic year.

The aim of the thematic collection providing succinct project summaries is to contribute to an evidence-based debate on the challenges associated with skills development, such as ensuring that skills are relevant to societal needs, matching the aspirations and skill sets of job seekers to opportunities in the labour market, assessing the impact of new technologies and increasing the attractiveness of the EU market to workers from abroad.

Under the title "Empowering approaches to vulnerable migrant youth integration", the article spotlights key activities and findings of the MIMY project, including first-hand insights from project coordinator Birte Nienaber from the University of Luxembourg. In addition to explaining MIMY's fundamental research concept of "liquid integration", Nienaber also underlines the project's wider outreach: "We wanted our project to also have an impact on broader society. […] There needs to be a deeper understanding of the diversity of young migrants, and space given to them to express and empower themselves."

Safeguarding proficient project management and implementing a variety of communication measures, including the MIMY Youth Blog sharing the personal stories and experiences of young people with a migration background, Eurice helped create visibility for current challenges but also good practices of integrating young migrants in different national societies in Europe – specifically those at high risk of social exclusion.

MIMY is part of Eurice's growing portfolio of projects rooted in social sciences and humanities. "These projects address pressing fundamental questions of modern-day societies such as migration, inclusion, cultural diversity, educational/gender equality and democracy understanding," says Sandra Türk, project manager and lead of the cluster. "To tackle these challenges, we need informed, evidence-based policy recommendations, which is what all of these projects set out to deliver – and we, as Eurice, are thrilled to play our part in strategically guiding project management and bringing research activities and outcomes to the attention of relevant target audiences."

The full PDF version of the Results Pack, "Fostering Skills Development in the EU for More Sustainable, Resilient, and Fair Societies", can be downloaded in the European Commission's publication database.

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