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Eurice Project PneumoNP Presented in research*eu Magazine

Diagnosing and treating antibiotics resistance

PneumoNP, one of the FP7 projects supported by Eurice as management partner, has made it to the latest edition of the European Commission's research*eu Results Magazine (No70, March 2018, page 14). The article named "New solutions for diagnosing and treating antibiotic-resistant bacteria" portraits the project's unique approach in combating antibiotics resistance. The international consortium worked on the development of a nanotherapeutic system for the treatment of Gram-negative bacterial infections of the lung.

The full article can be read online. The complete edition of the magazine, which is available in five European languages, can be downloaded as a PDF or purchased as a print version.

The recently concluded project was funded under the Seventh EU Framework Programme (FP7) with a total budget of €5.7 million. As one of the 11 research institutes, universities and SMEs forming the PneumoNP consortium, Eurice has contributed to the successful implementation of the project.

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