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Eurice Participates in Transforming Fracture Risk Assessment for Cancer Patients with Vertebral Metastases Through METASTRA Project

Eurice is partnering with excellent universities, research institutes, and industry partners in the pioneering project METASTRA, which is revolutionising fracture risk assessment and personalised treatment for cancer patients with vertebral metastases. With the support of the EU's Horizon Europe "Tools and technologies for a healthy society", METASTRA brings together an interdisciplinary team of experts, driven by a shared mission to spearhead transformative approaches in healthcare. Coordinated by the University of Bologna, this cutting-edge initiative comprises 15 partners from across European Member States and has secured a total funding of EUR 6.7 million over the next five years. Through a visionary and dedicated work plan, Eurice and its collaborators aim to make a profound impact on the lives of cancer patients and the healthcare system as a whole.

In the face of improved care and early diagnosis, cancer patients across Europe are experiencing increased life expectancy. However, approximately 2.7 million individuals are still confronted with a disquieting incidence of secondary tumours, affecting nearly 1 million people. Among these cases, the spine becomes the target of bone metastases in 30-70 % of instances, resulting in a significant reduction in the vertebrae's load-bearing capacity and leading to fractures in roughly 30 % of patients. Presently, clinicians are left with two subjective options: performing surgery to stabilise the spine or leaving the patient susceptible to a high risk of fractures. These decisions often result in either unnecessary surgeries or fractures that severely impact both the quality of life and ongoing cancer treatment.

In pursuit of groundbreaking solutions, METASTRA project will develop innovative computational models leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) and physiology-based (VPH) mechanical approaches. These models will enable precise stratification of patients with spine metastasis who are at high risk of fractures, facilitating personalised surgical treatments. Subsequently, the new approach's effectiveness will be evaluated through a multicentric prospective observational study.

METASTRA goes beyond research by focusing on practical applications for clinical decision-making. The project aims to integrate the computational models into a user-friendly Decision Support System (DSS) specifically designed to meet regulatory requirements and future commercialisation opportunities. This breakthrough is poised to alleviate patient suffering and potentially save up to 2.4 billion euros annually in healthcare expenditures.

Eurice and its partners in the METASTRA project are committed to transforming fracture risk assessment for cancer patients with vertebral metastases. Through cutting-edge computational models and a collaborative approach, they aspire to provide clinicians with accurate tools and personalised treatment recommendations, significantly improving patient outcomes and reshaping the landscape of cancer care.

"I am incredibly excited and thrilled to be leading Eurice's involvement in the groundbreaking METASTRA project. This initiative represents a significant leap forward in fracture risk assessment and personalised treatment for cancer patients with vertebral metastases. Collaborating with an interdisciplinary team of experts from across Europe, we are poised to revolutionise the way clinicians approach patient care in this critical area. Eurice plays an important role in the Innovation Management work package of the project, overseeing communication, dissemination, and exploitation activities, and we are excited to collaborate with our partners to further explore and develop exploitation pathways.

Being part of a project that has the potential to transform healthcare and alleviate patient suffering is both a privilege and a responsibility. I am truly honoured to be included in this endeavour and look forward to the impactful contributions we will make together", says Jakob Haardt, Senior Research and Innovation Manager at Eurice.

For more information about the METASTRA project, please visit or follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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