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Anatomically Precise Revolutionary Implant for bone Conserving Osteoarthritis Treatment: Eurice proudly presents the brand-new video clip of research project APRICOT

For people living with osteoarthritis in the hands, life becomes more challenging in many ways - be it daily activities, like getting dressed, opening bottles or writing, that become more time-consuming or the constant pain that dictates their everyday physical and mental wellbeing. The brand-new video clip, just released by the EU research project APRICOT provides insights into the realities of people living with osteoarthritis in the hands and how the project team work tirelessly on developing a life-changing treatment. Not only will the novel APRICOT implant forego the need for invasive surgery, it will also enable the preservation of healthy bone and tissue while improving the patients’ overall quality of life. It also offers the potential for early intervention in younger patients.

The Eurice team greatly enjoyed supporting the consortium with their expertise in managing and communicating about European research projects during the production of this video clip.

The clip is available on the APRICOT project website and on YouTube. Through the use of an easily accessible language and format it is suitable for a broad, non-scientific audience.

For more information on the APRICOT research, please visit

APRICOT video clip

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