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‘Berry Tasty’: EU Project BreedingValue Featured in Horizon Magazine

BreedingValue, part of our Food & Farm-to-Fork projects, has just been spotlighted in the "Horizon" magazine. The feature, "Berry tasty: the fruits emerging from new breeding and processing", delves into how BreedingValue's research is helping to develop strawberries and raspberries that are not only more resilient to climate change, but also do not compromise on flavour or health benefits.

The project coordinator, Professor Bruno Mezzetti from Marche Polytechnic University in Italy, explains more of the BreedingValue objectives: "With BreedingValue, we aim to increase the genetic diversity of cultivated strawberries, raspberries and blueberries in a bid to make them more resilient while retaining the traits – taste, texture and smell – craved by consumers".

The article also underscores the potential of the EU berry sector to meet the increasing consumer demand. It cites Dr Tuuli Haikonen, a researcher at the Natural Resources Institute Finland involved in BreedingValue who stresses that "it's important to make sure that people have berries available at reasonable prices and good quality while maintaining taste standards".

For a more comprehensive understanding of the topic, the full article in Horizon Magazine can be accessed here:

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