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Advancing Evidence-Informed Policy in Europe: Eurice at the Horizon Futures Watch Workshop

At the end of June, the lead of our Eurice project cluster "Society", Sandra Türk, attended the Horizon Futures Watch workshop on "Futures of Science for Policy in Europe: Scenarios and R&I policy implications". This was the third online workshop presented by the Foresight on Demand consortium, with a focus on producing evidence-informed policy in Horizon Europe projects. During the workshop, trends were presented that are likely to shape the ecosystem of science advice to policy in Europe in the future, along with their impacts.

Evidence-informed policy-making is becoming increasingly important in Horizon Europe projects, especially in the Social Sciences and Humanities. Eurice closely monitors the developments in this area and uses the networks and innovation insights gained from these workshops for proposal ideas and project implementation, providing research consortia with cutting-edge and sustainable approaches.

Horizon Futures Watch is part of the Future4Europe platform, which seeks to collect, host, and distribute foresight activities in and about Europe in various fields of research. Find more information here.

For more information on the Eurice portfolio of R&I projects in the social sciences and humanities, please visit our dedicated webpage.

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