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4D-NMR Project: Advancing Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Technology from Ensemble Measurements to Sub-molecular Imaging

Nanotechnology has emerged as a pivotal field tackling global challenges in health, energy, the environment, and information technology. Despite its potential, most nanomaterials are still being investigated using bulk techniques that overlook the intricate details of individual nanostructures. The groundbreaking 4D-NMR project aims to address this limitation head-on by transforming nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) technology, increasing its sensitivity and resolution to image and analyse individual molecules at the nanoscale.

The recently launched 4D-NMR project will employ the atomic resolution capabilities of scanning probe microscopy (SPM) in combination with resonant, high-frequency electromagnetic excitation and readout techniques. By pushing the boundaries of GHz and RF technology, the project seeks to revolutionise NMR spectroscopy, unlocking and providing unprecedented insights into the behaviour and properties of individual molecules. The 4D-NMR project marks a significant step forward in the pursuit of nanoscale imaging and spectroscopy, with the potential to unlock transformative applications in fields such as healthcare, energy, the environment, and information technology.

"With 4D-NMR, our strong portfolio of EIC Pathfinder projects continues to grow. A particularly special thanks to our Croatian colleagues in the RISE team for supporting the excellent research consortium to develop breakthrough technology to revolutionise NMR spectroscopy," asserts Jörg Scherer, Eurice CEO.

4D-NMR will run for three years with a budget of EUR 3 million, including substantial support from the European Union's European Innovation Council (EIC) Pathfinder programme. Comprising five esteemed renowned international partners and coordinated by the University of Linz, Austria, the consortium will explore bold ideas and pave the way for breakthrough advances in nanoscale imaging and spectroscopy.

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About the European Innovation Council (EIC) Pathfinder programme:

The European Innovation Council (EIC) Pathfinder programme is an initiative by the European Union aiming to support ambitious research projects exploring disruptive technologies with significant potential to revolutionise multiple industries. Through substantial funding and a network of innovative partners, the EIC Pathfinder programme nurtures ground-breaking ideas and facilitates their transition into real-world solutions.

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