Websites: Your Professional Online Presence

B smart website 1 Tomgem website 1

We create websites tailored to your needs and the visual identity of your project - and we do it fast and straightforward. Our services comprise the set-up, design, implemementation and content creation of project websites including texts, graphics, charts, icons etc. You can talk to us: Your feedback will be our first priority in the development phase and beyond. Some example websites:

Information Campaign: Start of "Horizon 2020"

Route2020 material 1 Route2020 workshop 1

Just in time before the start of the new EU Framework Programme "Horizon 2020", we initiated and coordinated a broad information campaign on behalf of the Regional Government of Saarland to raise awareness about future funding opportunities for businesses and research institutes based in the region.

  • Launch event with more than 230 participants from business and research
  • Content development and production of website, image brochures, marketing materials in three languages

Filming: Your Project in Motion

Sensindoor clip 1 Blueprint clip 1

We like to move it! Together with our external partners, we create project clips ranging from handdrawn explanation videos, interviews and laboratory scenes to technical 3D animations. You do the research - we set it in motion!

For more examples, please visit our YouTube channel.

Unique Appearence: Your Project's Visual ID

Traditom material 2 Traditom material 1

We create a unique and consistent visual identity for your project - including logo and web design, print and online materials, audiovisual material and giveaways.

The European IPR Helpdesk: Training and Awareness Raising

Helpdesk clip 1 Helpdesk material 1

As one of three partners in the European IPR Helpdesk, we are running an EU-wide capacity building scheme and awareness raising campaign on intellectual property (IP). Being on board since 2011, we have

  • organised and managed 70 training sessions with more than 4,700 persons trained per year
  • created a communication strategy and project branding (incl. web content, social media, communication materials and animated clips)
  • reached close to 5,000 people in more than 60 events & conferences across Europe

Competitive Data Analysis: Successful dissemination & exploitation strategies

World map 1 Main authors 1

Putting the pieces of the information puzzle together: Our innovation management portfolio including the data analysis and visualisation tool “IP Navigator®” supports Horizon 2020 consortia in turning raw data into applicable intelligence. We will help you to:

  • spot competitive intellectual assets such as research publications or patents
  • identify the most relevant research groups and citing authors to analyse the use of project results for further research
  • assess the use of project results for specific applications and technologies
Bastiaan de galan
Bastiaan de Galan

Coordinator of IMI project Hypo-RESOLVE

As PI of the Hypo-RESOLVE consortium, I am very pleased and fortunate to have such an experienced team from Eurice at my side. Eurice has helped us with high-level expertise and knowledge of EU regulations at every level of the project. They provide excellent project management and skilfully support us in keeping timelines, organise meetings and coordinating project activities, all of which is done in an optimal atmosphere and with warmth and enthusiasm.

Hazel dockrell
Hazel Dockrell

Coordinator of FP7 project TANDEM

As PI of the TANDEM Consortium, I really valued the support provided by Eurice as the partner concerned with the management of our Consortium. Their expertise and knowledge of EU requirements helped us deliver our work plan, submit our financial and financial reports on time, and achieve our goals. They provided us with first-rate and highly professional support throughout the lifetime of our grant. This was a life-saver for me and I am very grateful for all their help.

Freimut schliess
Freimut Schliess

Eurice provides coordination support in IP management, mediation of potential conflicts and contracting within our EIT Health project CLOSE.

The collaboration guarantees a high effectiveness and efficiency in managing the consortium – even in phases with a high administrative burden.

Mondher bouzayen
Mondher Bouzayen

Coordinator of H2020 project TomGEM

Following a multi-actor approach, my project TomGEM brings together academic and industrial partners both from inside and outside the EU. As our management partner, Eurice is the essential link and contact for all partners especially supporting our non-European colleagues who are not as familiar with EU project structures. In addition to their management skills, personally, I loved the project film and the professional website the Eurice communication experts provided us with!

Tim taylor
Tim Taylor

Eurice have been supporting management of the EIT Climate-KIC Smart Sustainable Districts programme through 2017. They have helped us to manage our project approval and confirmation processes, maintain financial oversight, and complete annual reporting. Our EURICE project manager has been adaptable, patient and extremely thorough in her work; which has been an invaluable help with our delivery of a complex programme.

Eugene sweeney
Eugene Sweeney

I have always been very happy to support the hands-on training events offered by Eurice. These training events provide valuable information and practical experience for researchers and SMEs in Life Sciences, enabling them to develop credible and efficient strategies, activities and tools to maximise the impact of the research outputs. Particularly important are the horizontal aspects, such as the management of intellectual property, communication management, exploitation and dissemination of project outputs, quality management and smooth grant management procedures. The knowledge transferred during these training events is equally important for SMEs and researchers proposing new Horizon 2020 projects, or responsible for the implementation of running projects.

Daniel fitzgerald
Daniel J. Fitzgerald

We have been fortunate enough to work with our friends at Eurice twice on European projects. They have a large, extremely energetic and diversely skilled team that have detailed knowledge of the latest opportunities. From the very beginning, they add significant value to your proposal and are a great pleasure to have on your side to smoothly manage your project. In addition, they bring in excellent communication and dissemination know-how. Outreach actions such as the writing of a position paper with policy recommendations - just to name one -, helped us to maximise visibility and impact of our project activities.

Tobias hartmann
Tobias Hartmann

Coordinator of FP7 project LipiDiDiet

Having done the management of a previous European project myself, I decided to partner with Eurice for the next one. I never came to regret that decision. With their profound knowledge of the different EU regulations scientists are not familiar with, Eurice provided us with excellent service and advice at every stage of the project. They handled all of this with ease, allowing the partners, the coordinator and the institutions involved to focus on what they are best at – science. Effectively sharing their experience gathered in many different projects, Eurice provides a much better service than any local support unit could.

Michaela kress
Michaela Kress

Coordinator of FP7 project ncRNAPain

Eurice was our first choice! With a strong and pro-active support, the agency consults and accompanies ncRNAPain through the entire life cycle of the project. They provide excellent strategic advice, management and professional implementation services with outstanding social and communication skills.

Endorsed: Recent feedback from H2020 Proposal Evaluators

Outsourcing the management to an SME is regarded as an efficient measure to increase the effectiveness of R&D resources.

The management structures and procedures are very well formulated and appropriate. The involvement of an institution specialised in supporting large international collaborations is very promising.

Project management is very well described, involving active participation of all partners coordinated through an experienced office.

Successful exploitation of the results obtained in the framework of the proposal is likely based on the detailed exploitation plan.

The work plan is excellently organised and suggests optimal effectiveness. A specialised partner not involved in the scientific work does the organisation.

The dissemination and communication strategy is comprehensive and includes a number of innovative elements.

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