Moving from Research to Market

Transforming early-stage research results into marketable goods and services poses its own very special challenges. Eurice is a specialist for impact and innovation management throughout all fields of R&D projects. We offer briefings for EC staff, evaluators and proposers on how to maximise the impact and exploitation of research outcomes. In order to pave the route for successful project exploitation, we support consortia in identifying, capturing, protecting and nurturing the Intellectual Property (IP) generated in collaborative research.

What we do for you

  • Strategic consultancy and hands-on support on intellectual property management in collaborative projects
  • Support for drafts and updates of exploitation strategies, action plans and contract management on consortium and partner level
  • Planning, preparation and implementation of exploitation workshops to identify and assess key exploitable results
  • Unbiased support for all project partners in order to reach mutually agreed settlements for the successful exploitation of collaborative project outcomes