Our office in Berlin

In addition to the headquarters in Saarbrücken, Eurice has been present with a branch office in Berlin since 2014. Embedded in the research-intensive environment of the German capital the team intensifies existing collaborations with partners in the region. In addition, the Berlin office deepens and expands successful cooperation with international partners.

Why Berlin?

“Eurice was founded in Saarbrücken and started off providing its services first and foremost to regional partners in the beginning - but over the past decade has evolved to a strong international player in the field. The fact that we now have a team of ten colleagues in Berlin now clearly conveys this message quickly. Besides that, it simply helps us serve our partners better: From Saarbrücken, we can ideally cover the South of Germany, France and Luxemburg - and Brussels, home to the EC and venue for many high level events and meetings, is only a stone’s throw away. At the same time we established a growing number of collaborations with partners in and near Berlin and Northern Germany in the last years; being here now makes it easy to intensify these cooperations, and allows us to reach out to other interesting partners in the region as well.

And of course the city is a very attractive and easy-to-reach location for project meetings, trainings, or large network events – so many of our project partners from other European countries or overseas are happily making use of this option as well.”

So ‘same old same old’, just from a new location?

“Yes and no. Of course we build on what has been created in many successful years before, and are dedicated to providing the same high quality service as ever. The Eurice team is now located in two different sites, but we still work fully interlinked, as one large team that benefits from the experience and innovative spirit of each of its members, irrespective of where they are located. But Berlin definitely offers also new and exciting possibilities that we are starting to explore. The city is buzzling and dynamic, home to key stakeholders in our business such as funding agencies and ministries, but also to a large number of networks, or an ever growing number of young innovative companies. We enjoy growing with our environment, finding new, tailor made solutions to some additional different needs and demands - an exciting challenge that we are ready to meet.“

Our Berlin office is located at:
Robert-Koch-Platz 9
10115 Berlin