Feb 22, 2017

Science on TV: Eurice Project TRADITOM to Rescue Tasteful Tomatoes

Why have tomatoes lost their traditional taste? A recent television report by German public broadcaster ZDF explains how genetic modifications have contributed to the unintended loss of taste in modern tomato varieties. In the interview part, Prof. Antonio Granell, coordinator of the European research project TRADITOM, gives further insights into this matter and explains how, for instance, ...
Feb 15, 2017

1st Berry School in Málaga – Apply now!

The first Berry School in Plant genetics and physiology and fruit quality control takes place at the University of Málaga, Spain on March 21-24, 2017 and is addressed at early-stage researchers or young professionals from the berry industry. Organised in the frame of the EU funded project GoodBerry by project partner IFAPA and project coordinator Universidad de Málaga, renowned experts...
Feb 14, 2017

Ambitious new project PredictTB aims to cut treatment duration in majority of tuberculosis patients

Current treatment of tuberculosis (TB) is long, complicated to administer and can have severe side-effects. To prevent recurrence of the disease after treatment is stopped, patients undergoing treatment must take a combination of different antibiotics for at least six months. This often leads to improper adherence which consequently can result in the development of multi-drug-resistant TB...
Feb 13, 2017

SYSCID is welcomed to the IHEC family!

Only one month after the official project start, SYSCID´s application has unanimously been approved by the members of the International Human Epigenome Consortium (IHEC). Project coordinator Philip Rosenstiel (CAU) will join and partner Jörn Walter (USAAR) continue to serve as members of the International Scientific Steering Committee (ISSC). Furthermore, other SYSCID partners may join the...
Feb 10, 2017

research*eu Magazine Presents Eurice Project OSTEOGROW

OSTEOGROW, an FP7-HEALTH project launched in 2012, has made it to the latest edition of the European Commission’s magazine research*eu. The article named “Novel Regeneration Therapy Promises to Significantly Improve Bone Repair” (p. 13) portraits the project’s unique approach towards a new bone regeneration therapy which promises to significantly improve bone repair and provide a realistic...
Feb 08, 2017

B-SMART kicks off in Utrecht

Neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s affect over 7 million people in Europe. Despite this fact, few treatments for this group of diseases are available so far. Nanomedical approaches can make a difference, providing new therapeutic options by helping drugs to enter the brain. Therefore, the multinational research project B-SMART sets out to provide an RNA-based therapy perspective...
Feb 07, 2017

CARAT offers fellowships for a training course on CAR T cell manufacturing

The EU-funded project CARAT “Chimeric Antigen Receptors (CARs) for Advanced Therapies” aims to develop a new, comprehensive platform for innovative cell manufacturing technologies. In order to accomplish the goal of providing a safe, automated, and cost-efficient manufacture of effective CAR T cells for personalised cancer therapies, CARAT, consisting of eight partners from four different...
Feb 01, 2017

New Horizon 2020 Project: B-SMART Develops RNA-based Therapy for Neurodegenerative Diseases

Neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s affect over 7 million people in Europe – a figure which is expected to double every 20 years as the population ages and thus poses a significant healthcare burden to European society. Despite this fact, few treatments for this group of diseases are available so far. Existing drugs, however, only suppress symptoms or delay further deterioration...
Jan 31, 2017

H2020 - SC1-PM-2017 Call: 1st stage results out now

The European Commission has completed the evaluation of 1st stage proposals submitted on October 4, 2016 to the following call topics: SC1-PM-02-2017, SC1-PM-07-2017, SC1-PM-08-2017 and SC1-PM-10-2017. In total 101 proposals have been invited to submit a full proposal by April 11, 2017. In two of these topics clinical trials are explicitly mentioned to be within the topic scope. Clinical trials...
Jan 25, 2017

Providing New, Sustainable Biosources: DISCO Releases Project Clip

Animated clip outlines the project’s efforts to discover and validate novel bioactives from renewable sources